Year End Review – New Streaming Server


We just upgraded to our new streaming server so that we can have more listeners and better quality streams. The last provider was costing the same amount and limited in features. The new move will increase the stream from 128Kbps to 192Kbps. In terms of quality, that is going from a normal average MP3 import up to CD quality streaming. Having tested the performance of the server overall for the last week, I am excited to make this announcement to all of you.

With this move, although it isn’t a significant expense, it still is being paid fully out of my pocket with a few donations here and there. To help compensate for cost, I have added an Amazon Shop to reference. If you really want to pay me you have a few choices, you can PayPal us a donation or you can just shop through our Amazon Shop. You don’t even need to purchase the listed items, but just purchase something after clicking the link and we get a percentage of the sale.


In the last two month we have increased in Facebook Likes by 200. We have a total of 513 likes on Facebook at the time of this writing. Our stream has reached 89 countries with 3383 unique listeners and saw a 15% increase in the last month. Our largest streaming traffic is coming from Mobile devices using third party applications, so I am happy also announce that we are already working hard to get an Android and iOS app so that you can listen in your car, on the run or wherever. This month a friend of Vocaloid Radio, Deovandski, took his time to develop a WindowPhone version to allow streaming. You can use this app now on your Windows Phone by clicking here.

Our goals for the next year are to increase Listeners by reaching 6000 unique listeners and increase our Facebook likes organically to 1000. I hope to bring more content in the next year or two as well to bring in live events and Live Hosts. We are also looking to add video content through YouTube and also take our station to Conventions in the next year as well. This is all on spare time of course, but I look forward to meeting these goals and seeing if we can get more people interested in collaborating and contributing to our station. I hope you are all excited and look forward to hearing from you all and Happy Holidays from Vocaloid Radio!