Vocaloid Music

Vocaloid is a program developed by Yamaha Corporation to simulate human singing. With the VOCALOIDprogram, a usercan input notes and type in lyrics to get a synthesized, professional voice singing their composition.Users of the program are typically indi artists that need vocals for their compositions. VOCALOID allows the artist to have their own personal and professional sounding singer at their control.

In 2007 CRYPTON Future Media released the voice named Miku Hatsune that roughly started the hype around VOCALOID music. The Hatsune software sold very well allowing indi producers to create original songs and release them to the public. Shortly after, CRYPTON started the website Piapro.jp where VOCALOID users were allowed to upload and collaborate on projects. Users that upload works onto the site are allowed to use the content in their own projects as long as they thank the original user for their work.

With the growth in popularity by Hatsune Miku, VOCALOID has become more than just a vocal synth software. It has spawned a pop cultural hysteria creating music, video games and even live concerts!

In 2009, the Hatsune Miku had her first performance at the Saitama Super Arean where a holographic animation of the character was projected onto a screen allowing the Hatsune character to perform live in front of many. There was a concert even held in the US at the Nokia Theater during Anime Expo. The most recent concerts featuring VOCALOIDS were held in March 2012 in Tokyo called “Special Thanks 39’s Part 2”. The “39” is used to name Miku because the Japanese language for 39 sound like “Miku”.

August of 2012, Sega and CRYPTON released the third installment of the “Project Diva” franchise called “Project Diva f” which sold 158,009 units in its first week andquadrupledthe PS Vita sales up to 46,877. The “Project Diva f” game by Sega is a rythem game where you press button combinations to the beat of the music.

Yamaha is about to release the latest version of VOCALOID 3 in September 2012 which featuresEnglishabilities of the popular characters, providing more options for music producers.