Magical Mirai 2014 Report

(Skip to the 3rd paragraph if you just want to read about the concert)

Past week I told you all that I would release a new version of the Windows 7 Gadget, but due to the recent events I could not finish up the new version. Now to more important subjects, I spent this weekend in Japan for the Magical Mirai 2014 concert which was held at Intex Osaka. Although the trip was short, I enjoyed it so much that I want to do it again soon.

For those who took a peek at the official web site, you probably saw that there were Concert packages to foreigners. Apparently I was the 1093rd person to buy such package as there were a lot of foreigners in the SS seating (SS seating is the closest to the stage.)

If you look through my public album you will see photos that I took from my seating which was located on row 8. There were so many seats that I believe that the concert had at least 8.000 people. On my public album there are no photos/videos of the concert itself due to two reasons: They were very strict with cameras and I wanted to enjoy the show. But if you can’t wait to know what happened them I will summarize through topics by comparing each topic to Magical Mirai 2013 held in Yokohama Arena:


1) Stage

The new stage look is definitely better and more elegant compared to the last one. Although they took off the upper Vocaloid stage, they greatly improved the one below. They moved the band to the sides, add a black backdrop to the vocaloid stage and re-positioned all stage lights so that they do not interfere with the projection. This means that all Vocaloids had a more realistic project. On the other hand, there were less band members compared to the previous Magical Mirai.

2) Vocaloid

They slightly improved each vocaloid model and improved their appearance on the big screen. Perhaps you will see the difference in the Blu-ray version of the concert when it is released.

3) Music selection

The set-list had some old favorites and several newer songs. They also repeated several songs from the last Magical Mirai, but they add a new flavor to each song. Such difference can be noted on the music Cat Food.

4) Special Effects/Ending

There were two main FX duringthe concert. The first one was Theatrical fog and the second one was several cannons filled with silver confetti just like the 2010 39’s giving day. You can find a picture of it on my public album.

Magical Mirai 2014 was held on Room 5, but there were a lot going on Room 4 as it was the exhibition. In order to buy the official Magical Mirai merchandise, I had to wait for 2 hours in a huge line (which was totally worthy for what they had in stock.) There were many attractions and third-party events including a famous Vocaloid DJ who showed up and started a small concert about 1pm.

Now concerning the hotel part of the package, the hotel had a great location. It was inside a rather simple mall, but its location was really good for subway/train (Sominoe Koen station) and also food as there were some good restaurants nearby.

Last, I really liked how Japanese people are so helpful. Some of them spoke incredible well English, and for those who did not they still tried their best to help me out. Once in a while a random person in the street would come talk to me to practice their English and to see if I know my way around. By the way, I met so many cute girls throughout the trip that I thought that I was in heaven. Don’t be afraid to take the public transport because this is the best way to save money and meet people (especially cute girls.)

In summary, I would like to say that this 3 day event was an epic experience! To see people of all ages in the concert with the special light in their hands waving for Miku creates such an amazing collective experience that it is capable of bringing them into life! If you buy the Blu-ray concert you may see and hear me at various points. I am near the front and I screamed Miku a few times after everybody screamed, I also was the only one who changed the light really fast while everybody else kept using the same color (in between songs.) Last, there was a crew videotaping people exiting the concert and I appeared waving to the camera while holding an empty plastic bottle. You may also see a guy with a steady green light and a Miku Plush Toy standing beside me. He is from Germany, but I unfortunately forgot his name nor I have his contact.

CLICK HERE to access the public album.