How to Listen on Android

Hey listeners! Just wanting to provide a nice way you guys can listen to our station without having to install unknown apps from the Android Marketplace that may not be trusted sources. This method requires the use of WinAmp for your Android. You can download it by clicking on the image below.


Click to Download App


After you have installed the app on your Android phone you can now continue to enter the settings needed to get Vocaloid Radio to play.

1. Open Winamp and you will need to start from this page on the application.

It really kicks the llamas ass.

It really kicks the llamas ass.

2. Once you are on this screen, you will want to select “SHOUTcast” from the menu options.


3. When you press on “SHOUTcast” you can then see the many options you have for SHOUTcast.



4. You are now at the SHOUTcast screen and you want to select “Manually Enter Station”. This will bring up the window to enter the URL for our station.


5. Enter our address, once you do this, our stream will play. Updated: 1.4.2014


6. When you have this screen pulled up, it will be wise to select the STAR icon so that you favorite our station. Once the station is set to favorite, it will be selectable from your SHOUTCast Favorite list.