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Year End Review – New Streaming Server


We just upgraded to our new streaming server so that we can have more listeners and better quality streams. The last provider was costing the same amount and limited in features. The new move will increase the stream from 128Kbps to 192Kbps. In terms of quality, that is going from a normal average MP3 import up to CD quality streaming. Having tested the performance of the server overall for the last week, I am excited to make this announcement to all of you.Read more: Year End Review – New Streaming Server

lanochip – Six Talf Tatami Galaxy

Just added to rotation

Read more: lanochip – Six Talf Tatami Galaxy

Zedd – Stay the Night feat. Hatsune Miku – Electro [ dj-Jo Remix ]

Everyone needs to subscribe to this guys channel, I really think he did a great job mixing and composing the Lyrics for this using Miku English. I haven’t really found too many songs in Miku English that I like, but this is pretty nice. I will not add this to the rotation, but thought you all would like to listen to this.

New Player Features!!

popupplayerHey everybody! I know I have been kind of lazy lately updating the site and adding more songs to the rotation. I have been hard at work with life and all. With that aside, I just wanted to let you all know that we have updated the player to show the current album art and title track playing. We also added a pop-out player so that you guys can open the player and leave it playing in the background without having to stay on our page. I hope all is well and we love to hear feedback!

八王子P feat.初音ミク「TRAP×TRAP」

Just added to rotation

Read more: 八王子P feat.初音ミク「TRAP×TRAP」

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