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VOCAMIX 2 with Kelly Hill Tone

CB7R7157 - CopiaKelly Hill Tone

1. ELEKI feat. Hatsune Miku – Story Rider
2. きりんfeat. 蒼姫ラピス – 小さな戦争 (Chiisana Sen
3. HorizonsP feat. 初音ミク & MAIKA – Another Cl
4. ギガ P – Masked bitcH (colate remix)
5. Clean Tears feat. 蒼姫ラピス – Electric Adventur
6. 八王子P feat. 初音ミク – Desire 8#Prince Remix
7. Soh Yoshioka feat. 初音ミク – Allgather
8. muhmue feat. GUMI & 鏡音リン – Dance to Reb
9. 悠然 feat. 初音ミク – Limit§tion
10. Clean Tears feat. 初音ミク – Go astray

Hatsune Miku Artpop Ball Full Report

artpopI was one of the lucky ones to go to he Lady Gaga concert to check out the show first hand. I hope to bring some insight to further eliminate any rumors or hesitation to the show to begin with. Before I speak and give you all information on this, let me give you a background on me and my musical taste and how I approach things before you allow my opinion to influence you. This way you can make a more informed decision on what you plan to do.Read more: Hatsune Miku Artpop Ball Full Report

Vocaloid Radio partnership with MikuStar!



Hello everyone!

I would like to announce a partnership between MikuStar and Vocaloid Radio! is a global English fan site devoted to the beautiful Hatsune Miku and the exciting world of Vocaloids!

In the next month I will be adding a featured page on the Windows Phone App and continue the development of the Android and IOS versions after my computer is fixed.

Have a great weekend!

Animergy Vol. 5


DJ Arcana EnTranced has a production you will like! This is his show Animergy that features a mxture of Glitch, Trance and more featuring Anime and Vocaloid tunes. Here is a the set list for those interested and of course you can keep up to date with DJ Arcana on SoundCloud and MixCloud.  Read more: Animergy Vol. 5

March 28th – Trance Drive Mix Episode 13 @ 9pm EST


Want to give a warm welcome to DJ Arcana EnTranced. Recently his old home decided to close doors and stop broadcasting. So when I heard of this, I sent an invitation to allow Vocaloid Radio to air some of his mixes. His remixes are part of a series and we are lucky enough to air the mix starting at Episode 13. If you want to listen to some of the prior shows and mixes, go to the links below to find out more. Read more: March 28th – Trance Drive Mix Episode 13 @ 9pm EST

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