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Just some dude who really likes Vocaloid. Social media correspondent for vocaloidradio.com and facebook.com/VocaloidRadio.

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New and Improved Request Form!

Hey guys, just some quick news: We’ve recently revamped our request form!

In addition to requesting songs, producers now have a more streamlined option to share their work on our station.

You can find this option along our menu items, try it out!

…Hopefully I didn’t break anything in the process, hahah…

New Administrator on Deck!

…It’s been a while since anything was posted on here, hasn’t it?

Hey everyone, my name is Stephen and I am the newest edition to the website’s administration!

I’ve been with Vocaloid Radio for around a year now, mostly monitoring the site’s Facebook page and posting Vocaloid-related content on there. Now I’ve been entrusted to branch out and now… well… here I am!

It will take me a while to adjust to the formatting of the website, but as soon as I can get my bearings, I’ll be sure to revive the site from its…indeterminately long break. I will continue working on the Facebook page on par to this website.

So with that note, thank you for waiting and bearing with us. I hope I can serve as your reliable correspondent from here on out!

(and I hope I don’t break the site in the process)